Zero Tolerance for Anonymity

To maintain community standards and safety, we ask all users to use his or her real name and to upload a profile picture. This way, everyone is more likely to behave as if they were interacting with real people, while minimising the anti-social behaviour anonymity often encourages on the internet.

If we feel a user is hiding behind a pseudonym, false account details or a fake or placeholder profile picture, we will suspend the account in question. 

Protecting Mentors

Users who use a pseudonym, or do not have a picture, or use a placeholder picture, will not be given access to the support or mentoring offered by trainee wisdom counsellors, in order to protect the mentors from time-wasters, trolls, or users who do not understand the sole aim of the site is personal wisdom practice, and the sole function of the support session is to help with regards to the individual's practice, as outlined on the site, and nothing else.

Sharing Your Content and Details

The default setting for every post (both esoteric and dialectic contemplation entries) you make on the website is private. This means you must explicitly choose who you wish to share your content with. 

A dialectical exploration can include personal details about yourself, your family and friends, as well as challenging emotional, psychological and dramatic events. By choosing to share your practice with another or receive support for your practice from a fellow student means you are choosing to share the details of the specific dialectical exploration in question with that person. 

If you feel the details of a post are too sensitive or personal to share with another, even for the benefit of using the dialectic to resolve personal problems arising from such events, use your individual discretion by keeping the post private on the site. It is your personal responsibility to choose with whom you share each post you make.

The sharing of wisdom practice must take place remotely over video call with other students, and although we strive to do everything we can to keep the service safe and the community to a high standard, we cannot guarantee everyone you come into contact with will adhere to the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. As such, you must exercise your own discretion and personal responsibility in choosing to share your practice, your posts, and personal details with another student during a video call.

If you wish to complain about the conduct of another student you can report an incident by filling in the form below.

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